You don't have anything to lose!

Want to join, but just not sure yet?

We get it!  Maybe you have been part of a membership group and it just didn't meet your needs, not all things are created equally!  Let me tell you more about our club and what we do.  Our club is not based off a product or technique. Our goal is to give you the tools to grow your skill with the knowledge and the tools that you already have!

Our furniture painting tutorials are also focused around "flipping furniture". In each tutorial I give tips and tricks on how to sell your pieces for a bit more.  The reality is most techniques out there are not meant for the "everyday" customer. 

In our VIP group we have clubbers who just paint for fun, some own small businesses, some have brick and mortars and some teach!  We love welcoming all of them.  There is so much we can learn from each other and it's apparent in this group that we indeed are learning from one another on what works and doesn't work!

We also have a lot of fun each month with giveaways, live Q&A's, and even awesome crafty projects.  Even though we're a furniture painting group, we all get burned out and more times than not we turn to crafts for a mental break! And for all those inspiring to teach classes one day...I so want to tap into your mind and fill it with inspiration! 

“I had no idea this group existed until Sarina reached out to me to do a live video. Once I saw what this community of talented people were doing, I was hooked! Everyone helps each other to become better artists. I've learned so much, even things that have helped grow my business. I'm having a blast learning new finishes and new ways to do finishes I already knew. I ❤️ the $5 paint club (cutest jingle ever). -Christina @ Deer Run Revamps”

“Joining the paint club has been the best decision I have made since starting painting and crafting. It’s serious value for money, tutorials on so many techniques with craft tutorials and business tutorials along with your new painting tutorial EVERY month. No product pushing or product bashing, the tutorials are straight to the point with support if you have any questions or need a bit of help. A lovely friendly and extremely talented and supportive group of people in the Facebook group. I don’t live in the US and Sarina always goes the extra mile to find products that are sold internationally, she really values each member and there’s a giveaway each month too! It’s way more than I initially thought I was signing up to, I couldn’t believe my luck when I first signed in and saw exactly what I was getting. I would highly recommend it! -M. Webster @Chic & Shabulous, Ireland”