Post Paint Finishes....

So you have painted your what! Here are 4 amazing post paint finishes that can take any piece and make it a WOW!

  • Glazing 101! How to make your own glaze, any color, any paint, any time! We will also go over the basics of applying Glaze!

  • Decoupage with a twist! Have you ever wondered how those beauitful posts, wrapping paper, and other amazing papers make it to a piece with no wrinkles, creases or other issues? We have mastered this technique and we can't wait to show you how!

  • IOD/Prima Transfers! Super easy, affordable, and make a statement!

  • Super Easy Stripes! No paint brush required!

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Product & Supply Guide
    • Supply List for All Post Paint Finishes Techniques!!
  • 2
    Glazing 101
    • Glazing 101 (Make your own)
  • 3
    Decoupaging Paper (With a Twist)
    • Decoupaging with a Twist
  • 4
    IOD/Prima Transfers (with a little Glazing)
    • IOD & Prima Transfer Application & Sealing
  • 5
    Super Easy Stripes
    • Super Easy Stripes (No paint required)